One day...

One day one person said to me that:
"Loves is the most important thing than person could have".
During whole my life, i triyed to found it. I tryed to found in person or things. I didn't care if these "loves" was a person or animal.
I searched for many days, even years, but i never found it...
One day i tired... i stoped to search, but only a few days. In these days, i only focus in enjoying in things that i had it, because during my search i found other things maybe most important that "this special loves" other types of loves, of experiences...and feels.

Now i'm still searching, but the diferent way, because this special love, isn't only in a person or things, if not in all the thing that happens during my search. Maybe someday i will find love... but while i only want one thing.
Will you do the same?


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