Hi Everybody!
This time I want to try, to write in english...maybe I have many mistake, but please...don't judge me. Ok? I want only improve my english...
I had thought about one thing... what could i do in this sesion?  first  i thought i could go up images in english and translate it...but then I don't know...maybe it was very easy or simply because i'm  avaricious girl jajaja ...its a joke...not really. 
So...that I would to say is that probably tomorrow I will go up a song by my lovely lovers Kis-My-Ft2 in English...and I try to translate... but i have a problem, i don't know if i have ask for the lyric or simply i can take it... well, i try to go up to the lyric and this... if you like it, can say me...or if you want that i translate something song or interview or whatever... only say me. Ok?

This is the end of this post...i hope that you liked readed these post...and if you not...only leave out and be happy. I'm happy too...
bye bye my sweetheart

PD: Sorry for future mistakes.